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Sewer line problems generally begin with gurgling sounds and slow drains. Blockages confined to one drain can often be eliminated easily enough on your own or with the help of a plumber.

But when multiple drains are showing symptoms of clogging at the same time, it’s likely a good sign that they share a common line (the sewer line) that is blocked. For instance, you may encounter sink, bathtub, toilet and other drains slowing or clogging at once.

If you face these circumstances, the assistance of a professional drain cleaner or plumber is necessary. Putting off the problem can lead to more damage and the backup of dangerous sewage in your home.

Our sewer cleaning pros in Aurora, CO deliver trusted modern methods to banish even the most stubborn drain clogs and blockages.

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High pressure jetting to blast away sewer blockages

Sewer lines move waste and water away from the home through underground plumbing pipes that lead to local and municipal sewer mains.

If a blockage forms or the line fails, it can create a messy sewage backup consisting of a mix of water and waste that can contain dangerous pathogens and other disease-causing gases.

To eliminate blockages and prevent future clogs, professional sewer cleaning is required.

The most effective method to blast away sewer clogs is hydro-jetting. We use high-pressure jets of water to rip through sludge and muck and slice through tree roots and other obstructions.

Hydro-jetting banishes blockages while also completely flushing out debris and other broken-down particles.

High pressure jetting does no damage to pipes. We employ jetting equipment made to clear 1-inch residential pipes, as well as large municipal lines.

What causes sewer clogs?

Anything that you put down your drains and flush in the toilet runs through your pipes. Exterior forces can also cause blockages and pipe damage.

The following are the most common causes of sewer blockages:

  • Older pipes cracking and breaking down (usually pipes made of cast iron or clay)
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Fats, oils and grease
  • Collapsed pipes
  • Soil settlement

What to do if your sewer line is blocked

Besides multiple drains clogging at the same time, another sign of a sewer blockage is if the shower bathtub drain backups when a toilet is flushed. A tub drain is typically the at lowest point of plumbing pipes and the first to reveal blockages.

If you believe your sewer line is blocked, try the following:

  • If there is a blockage you can clear, clear it.
  • Avoid using plumbing until clog has been removed.
  • Turn off the water
  • Check the sewer cleanout for standing or rising water (access to the cleanout is usually by a cap in the yard)

If problems persist, contact our sewer cleaning experts for fast and affordable service.

How to prevent sewer drain blockages

You can take several measures to prevent sewer and drain clogs. These preventative measures are as follows:

  • Do not pour cooking grease down the drain. Grease turns from liquid to solid after cooling. Over time, grease sticks to pipes and collects food and other particles.
  • Avoid flushing trash plastic wrap, Q-tips, paper towels, baby wipes, disposable and flushable wipes, hygiene products anything that isn’t toilet paper.
  • If you have a garbage disposal, only use it for the final small pieces of food coming off a plate. Larger vegetable trash and fruit rinds should go into the garbage can or compost.
  • Regularly monitor sewer pipes in older homes and anticipate problems
  • Fill up your sinks once a month and let them drain. This will help dislodge small clogs.
  • Have your drains cleaned every two years by one of our professionals.

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