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Drain Cleaning Service In Aurora, CO

Aurora Drain Cleaning delivers trusted drain, sewer, and pipe unclogging and repair services to homes and commercial businesses in Aurora, Englewood, Centennial, Denver, CO, and beyond.

We specialize in drain and sewer cleaning – from one inch home drains and lines to large municipal pipes. Our plumbers and drain cleaning technicians have passed thorough background checks and are highly qualified trained to bring you exceptional service at low rates.

Don’t hesitate if you believe you have a clog in your plumbing pipes or lines. If left unattended, a small clog can become a costly problem requiring a significant amount of professional labor.

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Plumbing issues almost always arise at the worst times. Aurora Drain Cleaning is always ready.

Clogged drain and sewer services

Plumbing issues almost always arise at the worst times. Aurora Drain Cleaning is always ready.

While many small clogs can be eliminated with simple home remedies, a qualified professional plumber or drain cleaning specialist is needed to destroy large blockages.

We offer the following licensed and insured services:

  • Drain unclogging
  • Drain cleaning
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Drain repair
  • Drain back ups
  • Drain water back ups
  • Frozen pipe repair and thawing

It doesn’t matter what drains are blocked. We clear kitchen drains, bathroom and bathtub drains, toilet drains, sink drains, utility room drains and floor drains.

Cleaning drains with snakes and power rods

Drains carry water out of your home and to the public or municipal sewage system in your area. They are connected to sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, and other water fixtures in homes and commercial buildings and structures.

Drain backups are caused by what is being sent through your drains (hair, pieces of food, grease, paper towels, kids’ toys, etc. for example).

Two of the most effective methods of clearing blocked drains are snaking with a drain auger and power rodding.

Snakes are often the first tool used to banish a clogged drain. If a snake is not effective, we generally send a small camera through your pipes for a video inspection that provides footage and helps us plan our next move.

Power rodding involves the use of a power rod that has a metal cable that is flexible enough to move through pipes and joins. The cable has a strong cleaning head with sharp teeth that is powered by an electric motor.

The power rod cuts through all obstructions blocking pipes, including tree roots, and heavy sludge and muck. The cleaning head chews the clog into small fragments and gets the water flowing again.

Sewer cleaning with hydro-jetting

A sewer line is a system of pipes that take water from your drains to the public sewer line and water treatment facilities for processing. Anything sent through your drains winds up in sewer pipes. Tree roots also common reason for sewer issues.

Sewer line clogs are caused by flushing of items that shouldn’t be flushed, by older pipes that can no longer handle traffic, or by tree roots growing into the pipes and interfering below the ground surface.

When the sewer is clogged or blocked, raw sewage can back up into your drains as a result of a clogged sewer line, causing water damage in your dwelling.

Sewer line hydro-jetting is a surefire method of blasting away clogs. The use of high pressure jets of water banishes sludge and slices through tree roots and other obstructions while flushing out debris completely.

Hydro-jetting does not cause damage to pipes, and our equipment is capable of clearing 1-inch home drains to large municipal sewer lines.

Video inspection

Inspection of drain and sewer lines and pipes is necessary in some cases.

If you have significant drain or sewer issues and your home is older than 10-15 years and has been inspected, we recommend inspection. If you are buying an older home, a drain/sewer inspection is also a good idea.

Video inspection eliminates guess work and allows professionals to address the root of the problem efficiently and at a more affordable cost to the customer.

A video cable is sent down the sewer lines that lead from sinks, tubs, and other drains. The process provides footage that allows us to pinpoint problems – including clogs, tree root intrusion, misaligned pipe joints, cracks, and other damage.

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Kitchen drain cleaning

Kitchen sinks often clog as a result of grease fat, food pieces and scraps, and soap and detergent build up. Blocks can be cleared on your own if close to the drain surface. Call on professional assistance when the clog is found deep below the sink.

Bathroom drain cleaning

Most often bathroom clogs are caused by hair, toothpaste (including caps and empty tubes), shaving cream, grime, and beauty and hygiene products.

Bathtub drain cleaning

Human hair, pet hair, both toys, soap and grime are often the culprits of bathtub drain blocks.

Toilet drain cleaning

Paper towels, female hygiene products, baby wipes and excessive toilet paper usually clog and block toilet drains.

Floor, laundry, and utility drain cleaning

Floor and utility drains often collect dirt, debris, and animal hair. Sure signs of a clog is sewage smells and flooding. In the event of flooding, excess water must be cleared to prevent and minimize damage.

Outdoor drain cleaning

Outdoor drains are often blocked by leaves, debris and small animals. Downspouts and gutters should be cleaned out regularly and water should be directed away from the home or building.

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